Stockport Express newspaper article about Natural Dimensions and Nick Atherton who designed the Shaw Road and Heaton Moor Road street improvemnets and showingh his sketch of the street proposals with new street trees and widened pavement

Heaton Moor Street Design


Stockport Express newspaper article
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Street Design
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Natural Dimensions produced plans, visuals and consultation sheets and organised community consultation events to promote a street improvement scheme which successfully won funding from the local authority. Starts on site w/c 20th Feb!!

Streetscape improvements were proposed as part of a scheme envisioned and led by Natural Dimensions to upgrade and widen tarmac paths, remove some parking spaces and integrate work by local artists to create a more pedestrian friendly street environment along Shaw Road and Heaton moor Road to improve the shopping experience, provide a better context to the historic buildings and enhance Heaton Moor’s unique features.

Natural Dimensions initiated consultation with the local trader group and organised community consultation exercises and events, produced community consultation sheets and liaised with the local authority to progress the scheme towards an achievable and realistic result fully informed by local knowledge. Funding was secured through discussions with the local authority and the scheme is due to be implemented in the first half of 2017.

View of landscape architect Nicholas discussing street improvement proposals as part of a public consultation exercise for Heaton Moor Street Improvement stall at Heaton Moor market, Shaw Road