Croker Hill WIFI telecom mast LVIA


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A Landscape and Visual Impact assessment, including a cumulative assessment, was produced to assess the effects of a proposed Wifi telecom mast at Croker Hill south of Macclesfield .

The Report

The proposed site for the lattice mast is near to the existing BT telecom mast on Croker Hill and lies in Open Countryside beyond the Green Belt within the Peak Park Fringe Local Landscape Designation Area. Six Landscape receptors and fifteen medium and long range visual receptors over an 8km radius around the site were chosen and assessed to allow careful consideration of the effects. A cumulative assessment was also prepared to assess the cumulative effects from existing wind turbines nearby. CHESHIRE EAST COUNCIL considered the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment ┬áreport prepared by Natural Dimensions Ltd. to be ‘REASSURINGLY ROBUST’ and approved the application based on the results of the report. The proposals will make a huge difference to the quality of wifi connection for isolated and rural settlement in the area.